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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rewards Unlimited

 Greetings on a warm Sunday afternoon in Battambang!

The blessings and opportunities we have/receive from living in Cambodia, how do we put that in words...

We were able to attend the YWAM Conference with people from
 43 Nations, two weeks spent listening to those who have pioneered new bases, their experiences of walking with God and sharing who He is to those who have never heard. Stories of countries who thought they could only receive missionaries, but now are sending missionaries to other countries.

During this time we also experienced the graduation of students from the University of Nations Battambang! It was such a thrill to watch these young men and women receive their hard earned  diplomas. Pictured on the right are the graduates with the YWAM Founders Loren and Darlene Cunningham, the Cunningham's are 10 years older than us and continue to serve in a very active capacity as servants of Lord and Savior and great example to us, there is much to be done! Loren spoke continually about those who do not have a Bible yet, how there are 1,776  Bibleless languages yet in this world! They are working with Wycliff and many others to end Bible poverty!

The next week was teacher training for the next session of English classes that YWAM has at the Youth Development Center or as we refer to as YDC! Those who staff YDC had valuable teaching skills they shared with us!

Next is the actual teaching, we lead Conversation Classes from 4-6 pm, we are working with University Students and some who have graduated and have their own businesses but their desire is to improve in conversational English.

Our goal is to challenge them and learn from them as well, our cultures are so different, so we continually learn from our students they are gracious and kind! Challenging them but also instilling who they are- gifted people who have so much to share with others in their village, city and country! That God created each of them just as they are and also gave them the desire to learn and continue to grow as individuals!

We have been to some of their businesses and our goal is to see what they do, and learn from them about their lives.

This past week one of our visits was to the young man who works at the apartment we live in. He works nights as the front desk attendant, overseeing and tending to the needs of those who live here. He and a friend were challenged to help the children in their village, so they built a school where they now teach English to the primary students in their village!

These two young men, poured the cement, built the buildings, built the desks, bought books and all the necessary supplies, and hired teachers! Amazing initiative! So awesome to see!

He then invited us to see where he lives and farms, so of course! That is part of who he is that is important, each person God created is important that we want them to know! So we saw what was once a rice field  but now they have dug what will be a pond, to add to the field dirt so it will no longer flood as a rice field should. He and Ed talked about having the soil tested so he plants a crop that can thrive in the soil he has, hopefully a crop that can be in demand so he can provide for his family.

We walk alongside many people who have chosen to serve God
by moving to another country, or this is their country, and they
want to share who Jesus is and what He has done in their lives.
And those who just haven't personally met Jesus yet but have a servant heart, we pray for the day the Holy Spirit opens their hearts and minds to who Jesus really is!

We made a quick trip to Phnom Penh for a wedding last weekend, it was fun, a good time, our trip back home a bit hot and windy as the air conditioning went out of our car! Actually it went out before we got to PP but we chose to wait to fix it in Battambang and the two young ladies who rode with us were gracious enough to put up with the heat also! Thanks Rina and Sorona!!  This week another wedding! You might get the idea we work with a LOT of young adults! We do! They keep us young!

This weekend we joined SOMD (School of Ministry Development) on and outing to a lake close to Battambang! It was delightful! The cool water, the hammock in the shade the food and fellowship were fabulous! Thank you SOMD!

So we are two ordinary people who are here because we want to encourage, challenge, share, serve! Often we are overwhelmed by the needs of many; but so encouraged when we see those who chose to build a school, or write a book, or go to another country to share the gospel!

But we are constantly encouraged by others, we are frequently challenged by circumstances, people share their lives and stories and bless us beyond what we could ever hope for!

God bless each of you who take the time to read this blog! We covet your prayers for us and our people here and our family back in the states as they too face their own challenges!  We thank God for the internet so we can still connect!

May the good Lord bless and keep you!
Ed and Mary

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